The morning after


Laying here—
lips too sore to tell her,
Stay with me

I watch her naked morning
search the floor
for the clothes she came in with.

With how she acted last night,
I knew he hurt her again.
Why can’t she let him go?

When he advises her to
“look more presentable“,
her clothes are ripped off in anger.

When he mumbles
how much he loves and cares for her,
my lips and shoulders are bitten in retaliation.

When he touches her,
his gentleness doesn’t excite her.
She prefers it rough—a release for her wild side.

When he asks her,
Why are you so clingy?”,
she and I have the most passionate night
like it’s our last time together.

Sitting at the end of the bed,
fully clothed and groomed for the day,
she tells me she’s leaving…again.

My eyes meet hers for a moment
before she looks away 
and walks out.

Laying here—
I pray for her happiness
even if it means I’ll see her later tonight.