Bar Room Angel


Care for some company
We don’t have to get together.
How about we share some alone time
to get to know each other a little better.

Let me guess,
risking your heart for a little revenge?
Hold on…I’ll get the next round.
From the way it sounds,
you’ll just run your heart straight into the ground.

What am I doing here?
That’s a good question—let’s consider it destiny.
A bar filled with broken angels can be misleading.
No matter where you turn,
a bar room angel is still an angel, sweetie.

So, before you go finding yourself a
limp whiskey-dick Romeo,
consider the halo
around your finger
before you head out.

We all have enough sin to walk in.
So, don’t make it a habit
walking out with something you’ll regret.
What do you think heart-breaker?
Aren’t you glad we met?