Let me be “Your Tonight”

With my lips,let me whisper my secretson your neck—my hands interpretingwhat your body is telling me. I want youto dominate me—help me lose controlof myselfwith you. If only for tonight,let us wake uptogether with no regrets—having saidwhat we never could say.

Under my pillow

It’s where I keepmy dreams and memorieswhen I try to sleep.I don’t want to lay here in the darkpiecing together a broken heartor facing how things turned out.I’d really like to restbut my mind detests the idea.Yet, it helps me rememberhow I’ve been so recklesswhen it came to you.

A drip of reality

Chasing another shotwith a drip of realitycan make complicated conversationsmore tolerablewhen I console myself. I don’t fearconfronting another memory.It’s the sober aftertasteat how wrong you were for methat I can’t handle. This bubbled quaffer, my whiskey-stained hourglass,is nothing but time in my hand.


Filament of memories, dimming like eyes fighting sleep,I exhaust myself protecting him.Whereas I was transparent,evident to what he was to me,he fluctuated every night—pulsing inside me— within my fragile barrier.Not too eager to replace it anytime soon,my heart and body beat to the flashes waiting for it to eventually burn itself out.

More than a lifetime

Love can be easily described.True love, however, will take a lifetime. Romantics can write how they get butterflies—it feels more like having drank starlight.They use the most elegant of words—all I can come up with is, “I’m yours.”Even “Oh my Love’s” and “Thou art mine own breaths’”can’t do it justice.Maybe I’m just complicating it. I … Continue reading More than a lifetime

Bar Room Angel

Care for some companyheart-breaker?We don’t have to get together.How about we share some alone timeto get to know each other a little better. Let me guess,risking your heart for a little revenge?Hold on…I’ll get the next round.From the way it sounds,you’ll just run your heart straight into the ground. What am I doing here?That’s a … Continue reading Bar Room Angel

Another Playlist

I know our memories never made it to platinum or gold.But I replay them like the day we made them.Hearing the smiles and feeling the seasons never get oldwhen I’m taken back to the days of “I Love You’s” again. Parts of the playlist can still be a little rough to listen to.I still hear … Continue reading Another Playlist

His Heart’s Song

My head on his chest, I can hear his heart’s song. It’s not a symphony many claim it to be. It sounds more like windchimes. Though broken in many ways, he found the strength to piece them together to have it play for me. What I feel when I hear it— comfort, calm, and home, … Continue reading His Heart’s Song


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