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Let me be “Your Tonight”

With my lips,let me whisper my secretson your neck—my hands interpretingwhat your body is telling me. I want youto dominate me—help me lose controlof myselfwith you. If only for tonight,let us wake uptogether with no regrets—having saidwhat we never could say.

Under my pillow

It’s where I keepmy dreams and memorieswhen I try to sleep.I don’t want to lay here in the darkpiecing together a broken heartor facing how things turned out.I’d really like to restbut my mind detests the idea.Yet, it helps me rememberhow I’ve been so recklesswhen it came to you.

A drip of reality

Chasing another shotwith a drip of realitycan make complicated conversationsmore tolerablewhen I console myself. I don’t fearconfronting another memory.It’s the sober aftertasteat how wrong you were for methat I can’t handle. This bubbled quaffer, my whiskey-stained hourglass,is nothing but time in my hand.